Meet Your Coach

I never thought we would be able to have the vacations of our dreams!
But here we are in Key West, FL 2022!!

Financial Coach

I used to dread payday, it was the absolute worst. It meant for about 5 minutes we would have a nice looking, positive, bank balance. Great, right? Well, for a minute anyway. Any extra money we should have had seemed to disappear right before our eyes. We felt like we never had anything to show for the money we worked so hard for. Where did it all go???

Being broke was never intentional, yet it happened week after week for years despite every attempt to change. We had a nice house, nice cars, all the “things”, the kids were in many extra-curricular activities, and we had all the debt to match. Our plan for emergencies was an epic juggling act. We were SO normal and scared into really digging into this problem.

2012 brought big mindset shifts. We learned money, or lack of it, wasn’t the problem, but our behavior with our money was!  Now we plan ahead for every paycheck, month, and year looking at the BIG picture. We have paid off all debt besides the mortgage, and are truly financially stable. Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine how amazing being in control of our money could be!

After experiencing the impact financial coaching has made in our lives, I feel called to help others. 2019 I enrolled in and finished training online at the Financial Coach Academy. I am also a Member of the FCA Mastermind where I experience my own coaching and continuing education.

Since then, as a financial coach, I help people identify their goals, budget for the life they want, teach them how to execute the plan for their money, and keep them accountable. I believe in having a realistic plan for your money that isn’t going to leave you feeling like you’re being punished.