Free Your Money & Free Your Mind With Financial Coaching

You Don’t Have To Give Up Your Dreams…

You know you make a great income, but you also know you feel broke all of the time. Sometimes this happens because you need a better way to plan for your money. Having a plan for your money is VERY different than simply tracking what you spend every month. Tracking your money as a means of budgeting is merely chasing your dollars. It’s too late for that, they’re already gone. Sometimes it happens because the plan you’re trying to execute is generic and just doesn’t make sense for your life. When you have a personalized plan for your money, you are in charge of where every dollar goes and it feels natural and easy.

During your Break Free Session, we will go over every aspect of the new Free Your Money plan that I have created just for you. Your FYM plan will be tailor-made for you considering your feelings and beliefs about money, your financial behaviors, your goals, dreams, income, and expenditures. In the 2 hours that we will be meeting, we will address your highest priority concerns, you will learn how to implement your FYM plan, and receive a verbal audit of anything that stands out as extreme. You will leave your session excited, confident, and feeling in control of your financial future!

I’m SO Ready to Book My Break Free 2 Hour Session!

Continued Coaching

The Break Free Session is the first step in getting you started on your journey to building a stress-free relationship with your money. Whether you hit the ground running without a glitch, maintain an amount of stress and anxiety around your FYM plan, or know you need an accountability partner or frequent encouragement, continued coaching is an option.