You CAN Have The Life You Deserve,
Free From The Stress Of Money.

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Financial Coach, April Eick

With your income, you KNOW you should be able to afford your financial goals,
yet somehow the money’s never there.

You’ve tried many different ways to make it work and they have all left you frustrated
and back at square one. On paper, it works out fine, but the reality seems to be very different.

You are ready to start doing MORE with your money.

I promise it’s NOT impossible and you CAN accomplish your goals.

I can help by guiding you through the roadblocks, creating a livable spending plan,
supporting you, and giving you the accountability needed to achieve the
financial goals that mean the most to you.

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Would You Like To . . .

    • See your finances clearly, allowing you to identify your goals?
    • Learn an easy way to make your money work for you, not against you?
    • Feel confident handling your finances and winning with your money?

Free Your Money. Free Your Mind.


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Next Steps

Work your plan! If you would like the accountability, assistance,
and commitment to your goals that come with coaching, a continued coaching
package is available after completing your Break Free Session.

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